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Clark Kent:
Hello everyone!

Thanks you for letting me join up. I've been a lurker for quite some time, and have learned much from this site. I've noticed the last few weeks, that there was some new activity here, so I decided to finally throw in with you guys.

I hope to learn a lot, and hopefully bring some things to the table as well.

Thank you for having me!

Hey, welcome Clark! Your intro is super, man! (just kidding). Glad you decided to take the plunge and join in the fun here. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. Feel free to share pix and stories of your collectibles!

Welcome Clark! Nice to see some of our lurkers joining up. We appreciate it very much!

Feel free to jump in anywhere you want. Questions are usually answered fast. Lots of knowledge on tap here.

We also love pictures! Looking forward to your posts.

mazo kid:
Welcome from Wisconsin! Good to meet you.

Welcome from the Left Coast of WA State!



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