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Cased London 1849 Pocket Model


Fingers McGee:
I thought I had posted this before; but, I can't find it. So I'll do it again. I claim Parkinson's memory loss for not knowing where I posted it. This one qualifies under more than 1 classification, Pocket Models and Cased Sets.  In January I won a GunBroker Auction for a London model Colt 1849 Pocket model made in 1854. 


The case is as interesting as the pistol Fingers. I really like the treatment on the lid.

Wow! That is a true gem, Fingers!

Fingers McGee:
The box looks like it bounced around alot.  The pistol looks to have had a hard life also. The hammer and wedge have brass repairs on them.

It all just adds to the intrigue of it Fingers.


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