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In and around 1973-1975, Armi San Marco was much into shoulder stocked Dragoon repros. They offered the 3rd Model Dragoon 4-screw CFS variations with barrel lengths from 7.5", 12", 16", and 18". The stock yokes and furniture were always blackened brass, a signature of ASM back in the day. All had the 3-leaf barrel mounted rear sight. They were imported by EMF (Santa Ana CA) back in the day. When ASM went out of business in 2002, EMF imported Pietta revolvers and were eventually bought out by Pietta a couple of years ago.

A stock photo of an ASM Dragoon 7.5" barrel from that era.

Photos (unknown origin) of an 18" barreled specimen (imported by EMF in that era):

An ASM cased set sold by October Country 6 months ago, part of the Davis collection:



I have an ASM 3rd Dragoon, with the folding 3 leaf rear sight, extra stock screws and cut recoil shields. The barrel is 7 1/2" and the date code is 1972.

I've always wanted to find a stock for it, just to have the complete package.

That's a beauty, Jim!


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