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Fingers McGee:

Back in April of 2018 I posted this information on 2nd Gen powder flasks.  I figure it would be nice to post it again to stir some interest on the Collecting Forum

Listed and shown below are 7 of the nine different 2nd Gen flasks,  The two missing are variations of the Walker/Dragoon flask. All 2nd Gen flasks, except the Dixon bag flask, have Colt's Patent embossed on the face.

W5095 - Small Eagle flask with deep blue/black finish for Baby Dragoon, Pocket Navy, and Pocket Police flask
W5046 - Bag Flask in the US Grant Commemorative 1851 Navy
W5047 V1 - Medium flask with deep blue/black finish for F series 1851 and 1861 Navies
W5047 V2 - Medium flask with a blue/gray finish in the R.E.Lee commemorative 1851 Navy
W5047 V3 - Medium flask with a pewter finish for late C series 1851 Navies
W5083 - Medium flask with a heavy blue/black finish for F series 1860 Armies.
              The W5047 V1 and W5083 are identical except for the powder spout.
 W5056 V1 - Walker/Dragoon flask - other variations are finished or stamped differently.

Wow...those are super-nice! And glad you brought it up, as 'collecting' involves way more than just revolvers. Cappers, cap tins, flasks, pins, cased sets, cases, even authentic vintage boxes are all part of the sickness.
A beautiful collection there!


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