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Fingers McGee:
Here are some 2nd Gen bullet molds.  From left to right;

W5045 - 1851 Navy, 1861 Navy, .36Cal, brass, straight legs, "Colt's Patent" stamped between pin and
                 funnel of CCH cutter.
W5057 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Model Dragoons, .44 Cal, brass semi straight legs with curved tips, two line
                 "Colt's Patent" between pin and funnel of CCH cutter.
W5085 - 1860 Army, .44 Cal, blued steel with bow legs, 2 line "Colt's Patent" between pin and funnel of
                CCH cutter. 44H stamped near hinge pin.
W5097 - 1862 Pocket Models, .36 Cal, Blued steel straight legs, 2 line "Colt's Patent". 36P stamped near
                the hinge pin.
W5099 - Baby Dragoon, .31 Cal, brass straight leg body w/o sprue cutter,2 line "Colt's Patent" stamped
                across top of the mold body'

Not pictured are 2 extremely rare molds:

W5099 - 1847 Walker, .44 Cal, single cavity mold for conical bullets only.  Blued steel  bow leg body with
                 tiller handle sprue cutter.  Two line "Colt's Patent" stamped in an oval football shape between
                 the pin and blued steel cutter.
W5085 - 1861 Navy, .36 Cal, Blued steel straight legged body with two line "Colt's Patent" stamped
                between the hinge pin and blued steel cutter.  The caliber 36B is stamped near the hinge pin.

Fingers, you are way ahead of me in both the flask and bullet mould departments, of which I know nothing. All I can say is very nice and astute. This is where you shine, among other places.



All I got to say is...WOW!

I have one mold and 3 flasks. I'm way behind.

Nice collection Fingers.

All my moulds are modern...Lyman, Lee, etc. I do love those old ones, though. Same appeal as old guns.


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