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Welcome to all that have happened upon this Forum!

My name is Jim, aka sourdough, and I am a Moderator on this great place! I would like to invite all who have ventured here, whether by accident or intentionally, to join in. This forum, unlike most BP forums you might have chanced upon, is primarily concerned with replica/reproduction collector revolvers. It was created in 2010 because Dr. Jim L. Davis, originator of the RPRCA (Replica Percussion Revolver Collector Association) several decades ago, wanted more dissemination of the idea that the modern reproduction cap & ball revolvers of many manufacturers/importers would be very collectible in the future, and we on this forum agree.

If you are a new member, please introduce yourself and give us an idea as to your interests and what you personally have. We always love photos!!

We ask that you please peruse all of the pertinent sections/threads before replying.

If you are a lurker and think you may not fit because you don't think you have much knowledge or information, this is not a know-it-all collector forum, and we do not make the rules as to what constitutes "collectible". Anyone with a BP replica or two (or twenty!) wanting to show it/them off without being ridiculed or made to feel as if they don't qualify is more than welcome to do so. As an example, if your interest is collecting Confederate brass-framed revolvers and the oldest one in your collection is, say, two years old, that's not something we disdain here at all.

Please become a member and, if you have questions, PM me and I will try to guide you to the best of my knowledge.

Sincerest regards,



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