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Long Johns Wolf:
Had this old 2nd gen. Colt 1851 from 1975 collecting dust and felt a future as a C&B pistol ("blue" picture) would not be appropriate.
She was promoted to project gun status, to be converted into a Richards-Mason conversion that some customer of an early - square back TG - owner of the pistol shipped to Hartford in the 1870s to be converted to shoot cartridges.
A conversion artist friend of mine accepted the job.
Here is what I received at the weekend.
The guy simply forgot to remove the catch of the loading lever so I will have to do that.
Caliber is .38 long Colt, proof tested for both nitro and BP.
Due to the deep BP rifling grooves we had decided early on not to line the barrel and also to bore the chamber straight through.
Although she was tested with inside lubed bullets the accuracy is OK.
Because I plan on using her as my back-up in CAS.
Long Johns Wolf

That's a real looker, Long Johns! Shoots pretty good too! I think the '51 Navy conversions are more appealing to the eye than the Army or '61 Navy conversions. But that's just me. Thanks for sharing!

Fingers McGee:
Looking good. The 51 conversions are one of my favorite Colts.

I'm jealous Wolf! That is a beauty.

I was planning a similar conversion on a Navy I had kicking around. But I decided to go a different route instead. Seeing yours makes me rethink my decision.

Long Johns Wolf:
According to the smith who did the conversion job his real challenge was to transform the square back into a round triggerguard.
Because none of the round ones he had floating around in the shop from various Italian makers - Uberti, ASP, COM, ASM - would fit without major mods.
Long Johns Wolf


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