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Santa Barbara Remington New Model 1863 Army Conversion


Long Johns Wolf:
In CAS a good friend of mine prefers Remmies over Colts but he also likes conversions in the sport.
Because they are more reliable and easier in the loading/unloading department he says.
He had a pair transformed into historically correct conversions in .45 cal.
He picked these Santa Barbaras because of their harder steel and the somewhat better geometry of the grip compared to Italian clones.
Now he can switch from the 6-shot C&B to the 5-shot cartridge cylinder and back without changing the hammer.
Attached is a "clinical" view of the pair.
Long Johns Wolf

Beautiful! Do you have any info on the guns? (DOM, Serial numbers, etc?)

Long Johns Wolf:
Sorry, I am not collecting Santas but the pard running above website does.
He will gladly help regarding your querries.
S/Ns are #084XX and #152XX.
Long Johns Wolf


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