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Details of the Santa Barbara Remmy Conversion Cylinders

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Long Johns Wolf:
The two cylinders were newly made by a gifted artist for the Santas.
They are of the 2-piece kind with 5 firing pins each.
I had the pleasure to legally transport the pair from their Austrian maker back to Germany because I happened to be in the area.
Used the chance to play a bit with them.
Obviously you have to remove the conversion cylinders to load and unload.
Long Johns Wolf

Hello Long Johns Wolf,

Would it be possible to post dimensions of both cylinders?

Thanks, AntiqueSledMan.

Long Johns Wolf:
It's a pleasure today because my buddy is collecting the goodies tomorrow.
C&B cylinder: dia 1.6015", OAL 2.0125"
.45 Colt cylinder: dia 1.6365", OAL 2.0135"
C&B cylinder: dia 1.608", OAL 2.012"
.45 Colt cylinder: dia 1.6345", OAL 2.0135"
Hope that helps.
Long Johns Wolf

Long Johns Wolf,

Thanks, I just wanted to add them to my list of 1858 Dimensions Chart.
The person who made them had a great idea, the ratchet looks to be a separate piece.
It looks like he pressed that into the back-plate, thus holding the firing pins in place
and also a built in bushing for keeping it centered with a pin for alignment on the cylinder.
It also looks like it was done on a manual machine, with a couple of oop's.
Some will see it as sloppy, but I see it a work of art. He did a very good job.

Thanks again, AntiqueSledMan.

As a new "Santa" owner, I really appreciate this info!


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