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Picked up a Colt Paterson replica awhile back . It's in real good shape but I didn't see any markings from Uberti , Pietta or other Italian makers . Has the normal Italian  black powder proof marks . On the underside of the barrel , very small has MOFRA . Was told it stood for something like manufactor replica firearms (sorry going blank on the whole spelling ) . Does anyone have some information on this .

The maker "MOFRA" seems to be hard to pin down. It's likely one of the many independent gun makers that used to be operating in the Brescia region of Italy. Most of them made parts for the gun trade, some made entire guns.

Long Johns Wolf:
MOFRA is short for Mainardi Officina Fabrica Replica Arms.
Their logo were the two diamonds, see attachment.
Operations in Brescia started sometime during the 1960s and were aquired sometime during the 1870s or 1980s by Palmetto.
If memory served MOFRA made the first replicas of the Colt 1836 Paterson without - somewhat common - and with loading lever - extremely rare.
Their Patersons have the historically correct 11 rifling grooves.
Long Johns Wolf

Thanks . I new when got it that it wasn't made by somebody common now . But been wanting a Paterson for a long time but didn't want to give the price they go for now . I gave $400 for it and even if that's considered high for this maker I am happy with it and it shoots great and it's tight , no slop in trigger or cylinder . Do you think I gave to much for it ?  I new was taking a chance on something not knowing the history but for me it was worth it .  It will fit great with the rest of my cap and ball collection . Thanks again for the help . 

I think you did great. Especially if it's in good condition.


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