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1962 G.U. Colt 1851 Navy

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Long Johns Wolf:
I could liberate #5239 twe weeks ago at German internet auction house Egun.
Year code is XVIII for 1962 stamped on the right side of the frame in the usual loaction.
Top of the barrel marking is - NAVY ARMS CO. RIDGEFIELD NJ. - ITALY -, under the barrel proof marks and GREGORELLI & UBERTI GARDONE ITALY.
No other marks or markings.
Serial number is stamped on the frame only, assembly nr. 14 on breech side of cylinder, breech side of barrel lug and under frame covered by the triggerguard.
This is the first G.U. made Colt 1851 Navy I noted over here and the 2nd gun of their making (4-shot Sharps in .22 short).
Long Johns Wolf

You lucky dog, you! That is a super nice...and super rare...piece! :)

Fingers McGee:
Beautiful piece.  You are lucky to have gotten it.

This is a cased set of Navy Arms revolvers made by Gregorelli & Uberti. One is an 1851 Navy .36 with a smooth cylinder and octagon barrel (SN 1330), the other is a Griswold & Gunnison .36 with a smooth cylinder and part round/part octagon barrel (SN 1501). There are no date codes on either revolver.

This was written by Dennis Russell concerning Val Forgett's Navy Arms involvement with G&U from ~1959-1962; afterwards, A. Uberti got his manufacturer's license and the partnership with Gregorelli was dissolved.

If we ever get our next stimulus check, mine will be spent on this if it is still available.



Fingers McGee:
Here are a pair of Griswold and Gunnisons, both have identical markings, Navy Arms barrel address, G&U on right side of barrel lug, serialnumbe 1712 has a date code of 1861, serial number 1052 has no date code.  Pistols are unfired.


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