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using filler in your loads


Do you use filler to top off your cylinders ? I usually don't with my Navys or Armys but do sometimes when shooting my Walker and Dragoon .  I can't really tell a whole lot of differance in my accuracy between the two  , but maybe not found that super sweet load . My accuracy can vary a lot from day to day !! Some swear by using filler because it brings the ball closer to barrel .


I personally don't use filler. I doubt anyone in the 19th century did either. I tried cream of wheat once, and it was a pain. Not to mention that the pistol wasn't any more accurate with it, than without it.

My guns shoot more accurately than my eyes can see anyway.  :P

mazo kid:
I'm with Dave on not using filler. Yeah, I know it has been said that bringing the ball close to the end of the cylinder improves accuracy. I have never seen it happen.

No filler for me. I've found it's far more important to get the right powder charge.
However, we generally don't discuss loads here on a general basis as we are geared more toward collecting rather than shooting. I would recommend posting your questions here:


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