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Kim Hyatt:
I recently purchased a project gun that now has a story to go with it. (I should apologize at the outset for the quality of the pics below - better ones will be posted later.) The gun is a .44 Colt reproduction/copy. The barrel was marked on the right side, "Cal .44 Navy Model - Made in Italy,"  and on the left, "Sile - Inc. New York." There were no other marks. You can see that none of the mill marks had been removed and it was rusty and sort of a piece of...stuff. It was missing nipples and the front sight and the loading lever retainer was loose. Since I didn't have the expertise to make these repairs (still don't!) I sent it to a gunsmith in Tennessee, Todd Watts, who has "defarbed" a couple of muskets for me. But before I sent it off, I spent some time filing all of the mill marks and cleaning the gun so it at least looked like someone was trying to take care of it.

After Todd received the gun he sent me this link to a Confederate revolver that was posted on Guns International: (Maybe one of you has the resources to buy this baby - I wish I did!) Todd told me that he wanted to mark my non-descript Italian repop to match the Schneider and Glassick that was up for sale. I gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up. He returned the gun to me just last week, but the pics I took today are not worthy of the gun, so I plan to post recent pics of the re-worked gun tomorrow. In the mean time, maybe the Guns International offer will whet y'all's appetites.  ;D


I would not worry about your revolver being mistaken for an original, no matter how talented Mr. Watts is.

S&G never made a .44, only .36 caliber.

Glad to see you are posting here!


He did a fine job Kim.

That's a good looking piece now.

Kim Hyatt:
Due to technical difficulties I couldn't download pics yesterday, but here they be. Jim, I didn't know that about S&G. Thanks for letting me know. Todd's engraving isn't as precise as in the Guns International listing, and of course he didn't try to include the personalized engraving on that piece. Notice that he gave this serial number 4, just for fun. And there are other differences, so I'm not concerned that it will be mistaken for an original. It's just a fun piece. I need a little more work to shoot it - can't wait. BTW, my total investment is about $175.

Wow! That is nice! He did a good job. I really like the right side of the wood (I am a sucker for good wood!). He also did a good job with the barrel address, even though it is not historic, it says what the revolver is to the unitiated.

I think your gun is will suffice very well for you. Glad to see you are getting back to normal life despite your setbacks.

Have you found any more info on the Wilson 1860? I have tried all of the contacts I have found to no avail. I am wracking my brain to figure out any way to obtain info about it. I have put out feelers on a few gun boards but have come up with nothing so far.

I am not done with this quest. Stay tuned.




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