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A few months back I read about the major remodel of the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody Wyoming. As I read the article I get a hankering to visit it again.

To bee completely honest, I was really taken back when I saw it. all of the guns in the first 2 rooms are gone. There are framed posters about guns on the walls. Many of the guns have been removed and they are space and displayed like something you'd seen on the New York Metropolitan museum Many may like this but it is not my thing.

The thing that really got to me was when I walked around the corner and saw the mural........... On the wall before me was a huge mural. A copy of a photograph taken and used on the front cover of a news magazine. It was a picture of a demonstration for black lives matter.

All politics aside, it is out of place. I hunted down the curator. The lady who was in charge of the remodel has moved on to some place in AZ. I was able to locate the guy who is the curator now. We had a discussion and I told him I was very upset to see this on a Gun museum. He told me that not everyone like guns and they are trying to be inclusive! I almost vomited on the guy!!!  I asked him how many anti gun people would even set foot in this museum. Anyway all I ended up getting was his comment the we will have to agree to disagree. I suggested he consider replacing it with something explain the 2nd amendment. I left it like that.

I am posting this to give everyone planning to visit the museum fair warning. Ha!

Wow! I would have never even thought that something like that could happen.

That is freakin' nuts!! All bow to the politically correct gods!

What a shame...

I have not visited the Cody museum since the late '70s. Safe to say that will have been my last visit. Thanks for the heads-up, Terry.

I was very disappointed in what I saw. What is happening to our beloved nation?


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