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Kim Hyatt:
Greetings All! I recently tripled the size of my collection, without meaning to, and I thought y'all might be interested to see what I picked up. (All are reproductions.) I found a 2nd generation 1851 Navy online some time ago but after it arrived I realized I might have paid too much. Still, it's a nice gun - it just has a few small rust spots I'm trying to clean up without hurting the finish.

Yesterday I went to a gun show near my home with the intent to purchase one, and only one (hah!) gun for myself. I passed a table where a private gun owner had an unpretty brass-framed 1858(?) Remington for sale. He offered it to me for a ridiculous price and while we were talking, he brought out three other guns and offered them to me for nearly what one of them, alone was worth. All three of these were unfired, new in the box (though the boxes are getting a bit beat up) and all came with extra cylinders. The .44 Remington also came with a .45LC conversion cylinder. Sometimes I’m lucky enough and smart enough to recognize a good deal, so I bought all four.

Feeling rather proud of myself I then did something sort of dumb: I kept shopping. I came across a cased 1860 Navy for a reasonable price, but when I offered the owner an even lower price he accepted – something I didn’t expect. So, I left the gun show with five new (to me) revolvers, and including the Colt that I bought a couple of weeks ago, my collection now sports a fair variety of reproductions. (I’m still looking for a killer deal on an original Colt. One day…)

Below is a pic of the following recent acquisitions (from top to bottom in group photo):

1.   Colt 1851 .36 Navy 2nd generation
2.   Italian 1860 .36 Navy (maybe someone can help me identify the manufacturer from the proof marks – there’s no mfr’s name on the gun)
3.   Traditions .36 1860 Police (maybe someone knows who the mfr would be?)
4.   Italian .44 1858 Remington (again, maybe someone will know who the mfr is from the proof marks on the cylinder)
5.   Cabela’s/Pietta .44 1858 Remington
6.   Uberti 3rd Model .44 Dragoon

If anyone is interested in more pics, let me know. And of course, comments are welcome!

Hello Kim,

The marking on the last picture is a Palmetto.
Palmetto is no longer building Black Powder Revolvers.


Kim Hyatt:
Thanks, ASM! Any idea on the second photo? That would be the second gun from the top in the group photo, the engraved 1860 Navy.

Afternoon, Kim!

Did you play the lottery that day? If not, you should have.

I think you scored very well with your purchases, but I have many questions!

--- Quote from: Kim Hyatt on September 14, 2020, 06:48:44 AM ---Any idea on the second photo? That would be the second gun from the top in the group photo, the engraved 1860 Navy.
--- End quote ---

The datecode is AP/1986. Being engraved (factory?) it is not surprising that there are no markings on the the sides of the frame and the sides of the barrel. My first impression was that it is an Armi San Marco, but there should be a triangular ASM logo on the bottom of the frame above the serial number prefix, and there is none. Given the datecode, the only other manufacturers that come to mind are Pietta and Uberti. Pietta (to my knowledge) never had an alpha prefix to the serial number [and there would be an <FAP> mark somewhere on the gun (rear of the cylinder, bottom of the backstrap)], but Uberti has been known to do this. Drop the load lever and look on the underside of the barrel; Uberti likes to hide their manufacturer mark there.

Photos are always a good thing, so maybe post some more of various areas of the revolver, even if you have to remove the wood.

I like the look of the Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon with the short barrel. What is the date code? (if you don't have a list, here it is):

You done good, bro!



Kim Hyatt:
Hi Jim. Dang - I didn't even think about the lottery. But I seem to remember something about gambling: quit while you're ahead.  :)

The date code on the Dragoon is on the front of the frame on the left side, BU, or 2017. I didn't notice the code at first, and I didn't realize that the gun was that new. I looked on the underside of the barrel and removed the grips from the engraved 1860 Navy but there are no other marks/codes on the gun. I've attached some more pics of that one.

I'm not sure that I'll keep all of these revolvers. I may need to sell one or two or three to help pay for the others. The Nickel-plated police model doesn't appeal to me much. I prefer military style/issued guns.

I collect old things to use them, not to build a museum. I have quite a few antique woodworking tools, antique furniture and other collectibles, but I use them all. I am that way about the guns, too. Whatever I keep I plan to shoot. I can't wait to shoot the Dragoon with a full load of powder and the 1858 Remington with the conversion cylinder so I can see what those bad boys can do. However, I may just keep the engraved Navy to show it off.

What other questions do you have or what else would you like to see?


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