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Hey everyone. Waving a hand from western Kentucky. Some of you know me from the Remington and Colt forums and I thought I was registered here as well, but I couldn't sign in with what I thought I was registered as, so I came up with a new profile and here I is.  :)

KM4JZJ is my amateur radio call sign, and I hold an extra class ham license. For those of you who know me on the Remington and Colt forums, I am "Pustic".  */)
That's right, I am really Pustic, but for some reason I couldn't sign in as me, so I had to use the other me, my call sign, but this is me, Pustic.  {'P ^")

Welcome from the Left Coast of WA State, Pustic!



--- Quote from: sourdough on October 07, 2020, 01:55:16 PM ---Welcome from the Left Coast of WA State, Pustic!


--- End quote ---

Thank you Jim.


Glad to have you over here too Pustic! Even if it is with a new name!

Long Johns Wolf:
Welcome from the far eastern banks of the Big Pond.
Long Johns Wolf


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