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Here's one of my Colts


Here's a couple of my Colt clones.  QSL?   %!-

Read you load and clear.

Jim is going to come along any second now, and ask you all about those pistols. So you might as well tell us now!  %!-

I am not a radio guy so I had to look up QSL. Yes, Dave knows me like the back of his hand.

Both revolvers look to be in very nice shape. I always have to ask my standard questions: manufacturer, datecode, serial number?

The 1851 Navy is clearly a Pietta, and the gripframe assembly looks to me to be older than AT/2001 (pre-CNC machined revolvers) as it has what I consider the Small Tail shape.,3474.0.html

Insofar as the 1860 Army, I am going to take a SWAG (scientific wild a$$ guess). The barrel lug appears to have B? datecode (can't see it clearly) which Pietta used to do, but the barrel has no Pietta billboard.  The right side of the frame has proofmarks, which makes me think it is an Uberti, as ASM during that period put all of the pertinent stuff on the bottom of the frame near the barrel lug. It also has somewhat of a cap groove in the center of the recoil shield which ASM did not do to my knowledge.

In case you don't have this:

More photos would be appreciated, sir!



Yes, I do have that chart.  :)

The 1860 Army .44 cal.
Uberti, date code "CL"  2013
The 1851, .36 cal
Pietta, date code "CM" 2014


And now for the real deal.  ^")


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