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[Prologue: I started this thread as Mr. Long Johns Wolf piqued my interest in them. He is the curator of the Hunzinger Collection in Germany and has given permission to use the photos from that collection. These revolvers are miniatures in 1:2.125 scale. He has provided a very good link which is quite extensive insofar as miniatures are concerned, and many of these are beyond the scope of this thread.


Note: serial numbers vary from prefix PM to numbers with no prefix.

The size comparison: replica Uberti G&G .36 compared to a mini G&G .36 and a mini G&G .44.

The Griswold & Gunnison .44 PM03 and the Griswold &Gunnison .36 PM01.

The G&G PM01.

The Dance & Brothers .36 PM05.

The Schneider & Glassick .44.


The London Navy 1851 3-Screw PM15 and 4-Screw PM146 with shoulder stock.

Long Johns Wolf:
Hi 'SD,
Thanks and no Mr., please.
Just Long Johns Wolf or Wolf.
Best from Germany,
Long Johns Wolf

Those really look awesome,  ;D  but they don't shoot.  ^")

It's sort of like having a model of a car that doesn't run.  #%,

Kim Hyatt:
Don't shoot? Then what's the point?  ???

Yes, non-shooters.

I posted over in the part 2 thread, that they have plugged barrels at the forcing cone. They are also not rifled. So even if you wanted to make up balls and caps and try to shoot them, you really couldn't. And at the prices these things are trading at, you wouldn't want to.

They're just a beautiful novelty to look at.


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