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Other Models / The Clunker Returns
« on: July 24, 2010, 09:39:38 PM »
Hi Guys,

This is going to be an old question for some of you from THR, but I thought maybe someone here could help me identify the maker of  “The Clunker”

I picked up a non functional 1851 Navy Colt type replica nothing. That is it is a brass framed rendition of the 1851 Colt but in .44 caliber with a stepped cylinder.

Can not figure out who made it and so where to get parts.

Has the standard Italian star over shield and star over PN and date stamp XXX on the frame, barrel ( right flat next to forcing cone) and cylinder (between to bolt notches.)

Shooters right barrel flat has “CAL .44 NAVY MODEL - MADE IN ITALY” markings.

The lower left flat has “BLACK POWDER ONLY” deeply stamped in it or cast.

Serial number of three digits on frame and barrel bottom where they come together.

The only other marking is the letters “COM” inside a rectangle on the bottom flat under the loading lever.

The cylinder is shorter than the one on the same sort of revolver ( brass framed, octagon barrel, .44 cal) from Pietta as sold by Cabellas. The grips also appear to be a bit smaller and the rear bottom of the grip is straighter without the flair of the Pietta.  The hammer is thinner than the Pietta , will not inter change and has a nicer shape in that the end of the cock of the Clunker flairs to the rear. The hammer sight notch appears to be a bit wider and the front sight sticks up higher on the Clunker as well. The barrel assembly of the clunker is also a smidgion smaller than the Pietta and will also not interchange.

What have I got?

BTW I got it where the hammer cocks and the hand turns the cylinder, but the bolt does not engage as it appears it does not raise more than the smallest amount above its half cock position hammer down or at full cock. At half cock when the cylinder is spun one can hear the hand clatter across the cylinder ratchets but the sound is slightly different when at full cock. There appears to be considerable drag on the left side of the bolt that is preventing its raising, so I am looking to find a new bolt as light polishing and Rig Grease have not helped it move. Also the Pietta trigger/ bolt spring seems to be too long and not applying pressure on the hand as far forward as the spring does in the Pietta, which may contribute to this problem.

Hope someone can help.


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