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Ok so I bought this gun last year and it was obviously used and somewhat abused. Cosmetically it was not well cared for but it cleaned up nicely and I must say the inside of the barrel is shiny and bright. It had some odd substance on the outside of the frame above the trigger guard which caused the loss of some bluing but it just gives a mottled gray appearance now. I replaced the nipples with slix shots and this thing shoots very nicely. No problems with mechanics that I have found. I also picked up a nice hand tooled holster for the gun made by R.H. "Chip" Childs in Minneapolis. The holster fits like a well made driving glove and the two make a nice pair. There is scratching around the barrel key as usual from use by someone with no clue what they have in their hands. The inside of the cylinder does show some light rust but nothing major by any means. Serial numbers all match including the underside of the ramrod and the cylinder. I looked up the serial number on Colt's site and it dates to 1974 which means it is a C series and will letter to Colt. I would much rather sell this gun to someone on these boards because most of you appreciate what these are and how to use them. I would like to get $450 for the gun and holster.

I realize I am new on this board and hope this is not an issue. I would be happy to answer any questions and I do have a 100% feedback score on Ebay with about 180 transactions. I know most of us in these black powder communities are fair folks but it is the internet and everyone needs to be smart so please ask any questions you may have. I also have tons of pictures. If you are interested please let me know. Oh, and I am an old college kid right now and in the middle of finals but I try to stay on top of my email. I will reply to your message.

Introductions / Another kinda new guy
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:02:46 PM »
Been roaming around the black powder boards for a while and glad to see this one active. I've been on a couple other boards when time permits but I wanted to get up to speed again. I have something to post in the trade section if anybody care to take a look. Thanks to all who do the hard work of keeping these forums active. The knowledge shared is a blessing to all.

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